Tuesday, June 12, 2007

From Naomi

Hi Everyone!
Summer is really here in Ukraine +30C most of the time and lots of sun then thunderstorms. Last while has been fairly busy and interesting.
In April we hosted an American /Canadian team I was based with our other team members in Kiev and we did all the organisational stuff. The team was large with 40+ members some of the time they were in Kiev and then split into smaller teams and went out over all of Ukraine. I stayed in Kiev with the team based there which was good and by phone we coordinated with the other teams. In Kiev we visited 3 different churches all hungry for more of God. One of the churches was a Messianic Jew fellowship really passionate and eager to worship. Apparently it's one of the largest fellowships of its kind.
More or less straight after this event travelled to Kirovograd to do administration for the Pastors Seminar. The topic was blessing and honour and it was a really powerful time. God really blessed me as I handled all the admin and was also able to be involved in prayer ministry. The pastors and wives who came over for it were blessed and encouraged and I was able to get to know them better.
Next place I visited was a Drug Rehab Centre in Nikopol. It was a wonderful time for me. I was there for 10 days and spoke there about the Love of the Father, Forgiveness and who we are in Christ. Had small group time with the women there every day we did some journalling and collage making and many of them really met with God in a deeper way. I was also able to minister individually to some of the women who wanted to talk about specific issues. The Centre is a wonderful place where people to get real freedom in Christ. There is a special presence of God there as those who are there and are on or have completed rehab know that God is the only answer. God really spoke to me while I was there and gave me strength to give out and love them every day. It was only when I left I realised how draining it had been to be constantly in demand. Please pray for those on rehab - many of them have serious illnesses and need healing spiritually, physically and mentally. In the picture you can see (from left to right) Lena who completed rehab and is now ministering at the centre, Yulia who came to rehab after losing her husband from a drug overdose and when her son started to beg her to stop doing drugs she has been at the center for about 4 months. Next Sveta who lost years of her youth to drugs and is now ministering to the new-comers and Ira who was born to drug addict parents and now has HIV. They all really need your prayers.
Next in Kirovograd we got the youth leaders who are going to minister at the summer camps together. We had the weekend together getting to know one another better and putting together ideas for the summer.
After this I went back to Uzhgorod which is where I was with David and Faith in January. It was good to return there and to see what has been happening. Stayed with a good friend there called Lena and spent time with her. On Saturday we went to an evangelistic kids event in a nearby town. There were kids from all different churches out on the streets singing and dancing for God. While I was there I also visited their Girls House a couple of times. This is where they take in girls after their time in orphanage. It is a place where they can grow and adapt more to real life. Spoke to them about how to hear God and how much He really loves them. They need Him so much. We also had a girls sleepover for the girls from Lena's youth church which was fun and spoke to them about how much their Heavenly Father wants to speak to them.
These girls from the adaptation centre are adjusting to real life which is a lot different from orphanage life. They all live together and either work on the farm there, study or go to work in town in people are willing to take them on. They are lovely girls who really need love!
Now I'm back in Kirovograd for a few days before probably going to Kharkov to see friends there and then minister with them at a camp for orphans. 
I'd appreciate your prayers for the following plans for the next couple of months:
Upcoming events:
15th-25th June - Summer camp for orphans (Ordzhonikidze)
2nd-13th July - School of Ministry (Kirovograd) We are expecting about 100 students over half coming from Russia.
17th-20th July - Prophetic conference (Kirovograd)
23rd July - 1st August - Youth Camp 1. This will be hosted in Nikopol and we're expecting up to 100 youth aged 15-25 from all over Ukraine. Please pray for finance for this camp - youth pay what they can but the camp base is pretty basic and there's a lot that could be done to make camp a better time like getting some decent mattresses for example.
Please also pray for the house where I live in Kirovograd. Once again we're having problems with water system which is very frustrating!
I hope you are all well and that God is blessing you in all you are doing. Love to hear from you!
With love, Naomi

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Hi - explanation for the map - it shows all the parts of the world I've been to - according to the program only 18 countries and only 8% of the world - sure I've made a mistake somewhere!!! Better get busy travelling to new places!!!

From Russia with Love

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or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Thursday, July 13, 2006

From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love
Hi Everyone!
Just thought I'd fill you in on how my summer is going. Have just had an amazing time in Ukraine and Latvia. The school in Ukraine was really successful - there were 120 students who were really blessed by taking out 3 weeks to seek God. I was involved in prayer ministry and some counselling there which I enjoyed. It was good to be with people hungry for more of God. We saw God do so much in people's lives - they were really touched and encouraged.
Then I flew to Latvia where we held a similar school for just 1 week. This time we were based in an old fortress in a town called Shlokenbeka. There were about 60 students some Russians and some Latvians. We had an amazing time with them.
I'm now in Blagoveshensk in the Far East just getting over jet lag and heading to youth camp this afternoon - it's currently raining so pelase pray for good (but not too hot weather!).
I'm thankful for all that God is doing in me and through me at this time. It's really an exciting period of my life. The people in Ukraine have invited me to move over there in the Autumn and I'm very excited about being part of what God is doing there - ministering at similar schools and other events that will be held there. I'll also have the freedom to get involved with the church in Kirovograd and travel around to other churches who are in the Partners in Harvest group.
Please pray about this move that God will have His hand on all the details. Also please pray for the 2 camps in Blagoveshensk that I'll connect and be able to bless the girls in my tent and that I'll cope ok with the living conditions!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Summer plans

From Russia with Love
Lots of plans coming up for the summer. All a bit tentative so I'll just give you the main jist of things and more details once I'm sure.
First of all June I finish off work for the summer.
Next I go over to the Ukraine for a leaders' school to help out with 'stuff.' Next possibly Latvia, Blagoveshensk, Chita etc. etc. So many options have come up all of a sudden and I'm getting excited. Just trying to find out details, work out costs etc. etc. and work out how many places I can realistically get to!!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back online

After having pretty bad internet access for ages things have improved and my neighbour lets me use his laptop and internet which is great. Today is Victory Day so we've had a much appreciated long weekend here in Moscow. Today has been a very quiet and lazy day and I'm catching up with things I've been meaning to do for ages. Like sorting out my blog for example. Summer is near and I'm trying to work out how best to spend the 3 months that I have off work. School here in Russia has a nice long summer break June - September. It means I've got to think of the best way to use the time. In June I'm hoping to go to the Ukraine to help out with a Toronto leaders' school there. Praying that will work out and then for the rest of the summer maybe I'll go to Siberia to help with youth camps or maybe I'll go home for a while to the UK. Next school year is also a bit of a mystery for me so far. Am praying for God's guidance but not 100% whether to stay on with the job or whether to have a change.... If you have any ideas/words of wisdom let me know.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Ivan Gorod

I went to a really cool town called Ivan Gorod on the weekend. It’s about 10 hours from Moscow near Estonia and St. Petersburg. It was so good to get away for a change. I travelled with friends from Moscow Inna and Sasha. We travelled there in a seated carriage and as a result I didn’t sleep at all! We had fun though talking, eating and listening to music. We arrived at Inna’s sister’s house at 5am ish which was early. Here sister is married to an American missionary and they have 4 cute boys who can speak Russian and English simultaneously – was a bit jealous at how good their Russian is when the oldest boy is only 10! On Saturday we visited the Christian school linked with the church and then visited the beautiful fortress in the town. It was built in 1400 right on the border with Estonia and across the river there is an Estonian fortress – it was a beautiful place to be! Very cold though but fortunately the family we stayed with had a lovely open fire and we could warm up!
On Sunday we went to church – such a big and active church for such a small town. It was great to see – there was a choir and lots of instruments and a very passionate pastor. Sunday afternoon we had to head home – spent 30 mins in St.Petersburg before getting the train. Was a busy but fun weekend. Hope you like the photo.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


From Russia with Love
Hi - so I'm back at work now - first week has been tough. Everyone's finding it tough to get back into the hang of studying English but it's ok. Am currently trying to work out what to do about visas for next year... My visa runs out in March so am working out how to renew it etc. etc. As ever it's a bit stressful but am remaining calm! (Or trying to at least.) Also am busy planning my summer holiday - Mongolia, China, Siberia here I come! It's very exciting but of course involves lots of visas etc. too so I'm busy searching the web for answers and hoping to get everything together. Apart from that nothing new - feeling pretty positive about life this year so far!