Thursday, June 23, 2005

Russian Locks

Pretty tired today - got locked out of my appartment last night! It's happened about 5 times now. The key just won't fit in far enough and I'm stuck. Got to know 2 of my neighbours though at least although neither of them could get it open and suggested getting an axe and breaking in. Didn't really want to pay out for a new door and lock so I said it was ok! In the end one of my friends came round and somehow managed to get it open. So I got home at 12:30am which I'm not too impressed about.
You never know what to expect here in Russia. As I was walking home saw a fat rat run in front of me across the pavement. Not very impressed by that either!!!! As you can probably tell I live in a great part of Moscow - NOT! I live near one of the railway stations so there are lots of portaloos, lots of homeless and quite a few drug addicts and dodgey looking people! It's always pretty lively though and is right near the centre of town which is good. Will have to get my lock changed though.....