Thursday, July 07, 2005

Back from Koktebel, Ukraine

Well had a good time down at the seaside. The water wasn't that hot but had a bit of a swim. The seminar was really good and the people who came were very encouraged. I was encouraged too to catch up with friends from Bath. Was nice to get away from Moscow and to be out at the seaside with the fresh air, fresh fruit and sea breeze! We had the evenings free and spent them walking down by the sea front or on the fairground rides. Quite a few of the Russians were really into Karaoke which was amusing - they took it very seriously! So got back to Moscow last night and am feeling kind of more chilled out than when I left. Just hoping and praying that things here will improve! Am on another trip to Siberia on the 17th July anyway so just over a week to go until that.
Today I'm having a washing day. I have an ancient Soviet relic of a machine which you have to keep topping up with water and pressing buttons so you can't just leave it to get on with doing the washing! Still inbetween pressing the buttons etc. I'm catching up with my emailing and blogging! No internet access really on the beach in Ukraine!!!