Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Hey sorry it's taken me forever to write a new post to my blog. Now I've sat down to write I don't even know where to start really. Guess I should fill you in about the youth trip we did to Siberia. It was such an awesome and fun time! We flew from Moscow to Chita then spent a week at the youth camp in Chita before going on to Nerungry, Tynda and Blagoveshensk. It was a mini adventure and lots of fun cos we had such a big fun team. The living conditions in the camps were a bit primitive - daily wash in the river - well not quite daily cos it was so cold! Lived in tents, first camp was pretty cold and damp, second camp was warmer and they had beds in the tents which made a huge difference. Spent a few nights on trains too which is always good fun.
I got to see lots of my old friends in the towns we visited and even though I was interpreting it was a good break from the stress and busyness of Moscow.
Now I'm back in Moscow for a bit making some serious decisions about my next year in Russia. I'm no longer working for Misha so am working out what is really on my heart to do rather than just keeping myself busy. So it's an interesting but not altogether easy time. It feels good though to be moving into something new and I know that God's got good plans for me.
Once stuff starts to materialise and plans become more definite I'll write and up date you on all the changes. But for now - watch this space...