Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy Christmas

Hi! So this is my Christmas Blog entry. Seems very early because Christmas here in Moscow isn't until the 7th of January but thought I'd better conform with the Western calendar and wish anyone reading this a very Happy Christmas! It will certainly be a white Christmas this year - so much snow everywhere - it snows everyday and the poor road sweepers are constantly trying their best to clean the pavement. Have to work on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day which is a bit of a pain - glad that Christmas day is a Sunday otherwise I'd have to work on Christmas Day too no doubt!!! Still New Year is coming and I get 10 days holiday from the 31st - 10th Jan. Yes 10 whole days with no classes, no children, no teenagers!!!! I love teaching but the kids are sick of me after having classes 2 times a week since September and I'm kind of tired of them too!!! Haven't decided what to do for New Year yet... Any suggestions. So far the options are meeting up with friends from church in an appartment with no oven... or celebrating with a family I know from Chita who are living here... Can't make my mind up but I hope New Year will be fun! Thinking about resolutions already. Definitely want to sign up for a gym. Went to a trial session with a couple of friends the other week and it was amazing! Went in the sauna and even had a massage! We were so chilled out afterwards and felt beautiful!!!

Well enjoy celebrating Christmas where ever you are. Here's a bit of Russian - S Rozhdestvom (That's happy Christmas to all you uneducated non-Russian speakers!!!!)