Friday, February 17, 2006

Ivan Gorod

I went to a really cool town called Ivan Gorod on the weekend. It’s about 10 hours from Moscow near Estonia and St. Petersburg. It was so good to get away for a change. I travelled with friends from Moscow Inna and Sasha. We travelled there in a seated carriage and as a result I didn’t sleep at all! We had fun though talking, eating and listening to music. We arrived at Inna’s sister’s house at 5am ish which was early. Here sister is married to an American missionary and they have 4 cute boys who can speak Russian and English simultaneously – was a bit jealous at how good their Russian is when the oldest boy is only 10! On Saturday we visited the Christian school linked with the church and then visited the beautiful fortress in the town. It was built in 1400 right on the border with Estonia and across the river there is an Estonian fortress – it was a beautiful place to be! Very cold though but fortunately the family we stayed with had a lovely open fire and we could warm up!
On Sunday we went to church – such a big and active church for such a small town. It was great to see – there was a choir and lots of instruments and a very passionate pastor. Sunday afternoon we had to head home – spent 30 mins in St.Petersburg before getting the train. Was a busy but fun weekend. Hope you like the photo.