Thursday, July 13, 2006

From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love
Hi Everyone!
Just thought I'd fill you in on how my summer is going. Have just had an amazing time in Ukraine and Latvia. The school in Ukraine was really successful - there were 120 students who were really blessed by taking out 3 weeks to seek God. I was involved in prayer ministry and some counselling there which I enjoyed. It was good to be with people hungry for more of God. We saw God do so much in people's lives - they were really touched and encouraged.
Then I flew to Latvia where we held a similar school for just 1 week. This time we were based in an old fortress in a town called Shlokenbeka. There were about 60 students some Russians and some Latvians. We had an amazing time with them.
I'm now in Blagoveshensk in the Far East just getting over jet lag and heading to youth camp this afternoon - it's currently raining so pelase pray for good (but not too hot weather!).
I'm thankful for all that God is doing in me and through me at this time. It's really an exciting period of my life. The people in Ukraine have invited me to move over there in the Autumn and I'm very excited about being part of what God is doing there - ministering at similar schools and other events that will be held there. I'll also have the freedom to get involved with the church in Kirovograd and travel around to other churches who are in the Partners in Harvest group.
Please pray about this move that God will have His hand on all the details. Also please pray for the 2 camps in Blagoveshensk that I'll connect and be able to bless the girls in my tent and that I'll cope ok with the living conditions!!!!!!!